Please can you help us to purchase our very own house in Walsingham?



During this special season of Easter, which is just around the corner, we send you our best wishes and our appeal to support a new foundation.

The Easter celebration fills us with new life and new hope, reflecting also the hopes we have for our 13 year old community. Recent months have been marked by significant changes and an ever stronger need to trust in God’s Providence. Since the beginnings of our community we have been running Abbotswick House of Prayer for the Diocese of Brentwood. Knowing always that Walsingham was our spiritual home, we were overjoyed when we were given the opportunity to establish a permanent presence here when asked last year to run the Dowry House Retreat for the Shrine. We are delighted with the prospect of serving the needs of retreatants and pilgrims coming to Walsingham, sharing with them the spirituality of this national Marian shrine.

This new beginning, as you will find out in our latest newsletter, brings blessings and limitations. We have no property of our own to secure the ground for the further growth of our community so that we would be able to minister more in this local area and further afield. However, we discovered providentially that a suitable property in Great Walsingham will be put on the market next week. We only wish we had the financial recourses to purchase it outright! Hence, comes our appeal for your help in procuring what is missing of the monies so that we can make the first foundation for our community. We are inviting you to become founding benefactors!

We would like you to take time to consider our appeal and support this shoot of consecrated life in England. We are looking for donations or loans of whatever kind and your support, even in the smallest donation, would definitely make a difference. Bishop Alan Hopes and Bishop Alan Williams fully support our appeal.

Any amount you can give will be gratefully received. To know more please read here or to give directly online, click here for our donation web page. Please pass news of this appeal to your family and friends and, if anyone does not have internet access, simply print off the COLW Donation Form – House and offer it to them. With thanks in advance for your prayers and support. We will also be keeping you and your intentions in prayer.

Please note: If we are unable to purchase ‘Half Moon House’ the money will go towards another property when one becomes available.