Formation PrinciplesOur Formation Vision is grounded in a Christian anthropology of the human person and consists of specific foundational principles which are deepened through each phase of formation.

  1. Storytelling
  2. Developing the art and discipline of reflective living
  3. Exploring motivation
  4. Becoming grounded in the life and spirit of the community
  5. Ministry experiences

These principles are “deepening anchors” in which the candidate and novice will become more securely grounded as they move through the various phases of formation.

These principles are foundational because we consider them to be essential pathways that need to be developed in order to ensure a solid formation of the human, Christian and ministry dimensions of the individual’s life. The deeper reality is that candidates and novices are being invited into a way of life dedicated to witnessing and preaching the reality of God within our secular world. In order to do this, they must be grounded in their human and Christian uniqueness. They must become familiar with their patterns, style, reactions, responses and motivation. They must be accompanied in the process of discovering and living from their heart. They must be committed to their personal process of ongoing conversion and transformation, of entering into the paschal mystery.

Candidates and novices cannot do this alone. They need the guidance of others also engaged in the journey, who are grounded in their human uniqueness, in the Christian vision, and in the life and spirit of the community.

We wish to emphasise that the quality and depth of the formation process from the time of initial contact with the Vocation Director through retirement depends upon the ongoing spiralling movement into integrating and internalising each of these principles according to the individual’s personal uniqueness. The movement is inward toward the centre and core of one’s being.

For this reason Fr Amadeo Cencini’s Integration Model of Formation is the one we use in community and, providentially, we have had his invaluable support ever since the founding of the community.