On Saturday 4th January, priests and lay people joined us from around the country for a triple celebration of the Epiphany (our founding day) of the New Year and of our first such gathering of the COLW Family. We are hoping it will be the first of many to come as COLW consolidates and the lay branch takes shape. With the COLW Book of Life (explaining our spirituality) being published this year, a rule of life for lay members and diocesan priest associates is being worked on.

Fr Luke and recently ordained Fr Mike, celebrated Mass for us before we enjoyed a shared meal. This was followed by games for the children whilst some adults put together a chicken coup that had been donated to the sisters for Christmas. What fun we had as some of the younger boys did a chicken dance in the coup as the dark descended. The day concluded with a prayer to the Holy Spirit and everyone picking out a patron saint for the year and a virtue to work on during the coming months.